What If Chickens Were the Size of Horses?

If chickens were the size of horses they’d beat the shit out of us. They’d be strutting around as usual, then flail their wings and uncontrollably peck at our eyes while we checked Instagram. They wouldn’t eat bird seed or corn or salami. They would eat small children and Volkswagens and the President of the United States because when a chicken is pissed, it is FUCKIN pissed, man. Continue reading →

Eating Alone is the New Ayahuasca

Spiritual awakenings can measure anywhere between “I am tiny, yet vast” to “This tea fuckin’ tastes like shit!” Ayahuasca ceremonies have been at the forefront of those seeking to achieve inner peace and perspective. However, in remote valleys, and large cities around the nation, one method of awakening is really taking its practitioners by storm: Eating Alone. Continue reading →