Eating Alone is the New Ayahuasca

Spiritual awakenings can measure anywhere between “I am tiny, yet vast” to “This tea fuckin’ tastes like shit!” Ayahuasca ceremonies have been at the forefront of those seeking to achieve inner peace and perspective. However, in remote valleys, and large cities around the nation, one method of awakening is really taking its practitioners by storm: Eating Alone. Continue reading →

Recipe of the Month: Clam Frittata Pops

At the turn of the century, New England was more than just a hot spot for trade and venereal diseases. Seafood was abundant and if you clomped along the Main Streets of the region you would find aromatic vats of chowders, stews, broths, and other unidentifiable viscous treats. One psycho from Boston, though,  decided that clams and eggs deserved to be together. Continue reading →

Whole Foods to Begin Accepting Family Heirlooms as Payment

On the heels of its recent acquisition by Amazon, Whole Foods is making headlines once again. Fully aware of its pricing, Whole Foods decided to appeal to consumers in a more unique way, by accepting family heirlooms and possessions as payment.

“We realize our prices are set in a way that dictates the market for all this bullshit. Dried fruit and organic beans are expensive, but that doesn’t mean poor bitches shouldn’t be able to buy it,” said this lady we e-mailed at the corporate HQ for Whole Foods. Continue reading →

Restaurant Spotlight: Fludge

Another Authentic Mississippi Lard Hut To Add to the List


The latest in the red-hot trend of Mississippi lard huts comes to us from the team of Chef Pierre LeGoo and the BoingBoing Restaurant Group.

If it seems like the Mississippi lard hut has only been around a few months it’s not your imagination. In October, the Delta-inspired Fattie Shack opened on 12th street to much fanfare. Lines formed, blogs were posted, and the city had a new sensation in dining. Since then, 4 more Mississippi lard huts opened with at least 3 more planned in the coming year. Continue reading →

Our 6 Favorite Apps that Remind Us We’re Out-of-Shape Pieces of Shit

Science has shown that most of us can’t go 40 seconds without looking at our phones. You’re looking at yours right now for crying out loud. I mean, Jesus, take a break and experience what it’s like to feel something.

Anyway, because of our obsession with phones, more and more people are downloading apps to maintain a balanced lifestyle. And then there’s everyone else. The following are our favorite apps that defy the sound logic and reasoning of diet and exercise and instead point out how you might’ve lost out in the gene pool.  Continue reading →