2019’s Official Summer Cocktail is Campari, Gin, & Pool Water

official summer cocktail

We’re heading towards the dog days of summer. It’s a time on the calendar when the world seems to slow down, vacations are in full gear, and that heat rash on your arms finally gets some much-needed ointment. It’s also a point in the season where we can declare moments as distinctly 2019–a snapshot in time that allows us to fondly look back and say, “Yeah–I remember that year and by God, I can only sustain a healthy outlook on life by reliving the nostalgia of that time period. Enter: the Official Summer Cocktail of 2019!

It started as a lazy mistake by a hungover waiter at a country club for terrible people. Todd Licking was carrying a tray of Negronis to a group of members. While his training specifically states to never walk along the border of the swimming pool, he ignored this and carried on. While doing so, that fat kid who’s the son of a wealthy real estate twat decides to cannonball into the pool, which caused a mighty splash, and hence, plopping pool water into the drinks. Licking, too hungover to want to walk back to the bar for new drinks, instead served up the order of drinks with pool water. The members loved it so much, they insisted Todd Licking work an extra 2 hours past his shift, so he can keep serving them.


It started as a lazy mistake by a hungover waiter at a country club for terrible people. Todd Licking was carrying a tray of Negronis to a group of members when some fat kid did a cannonball into the pool…


The drink was posted on Instagram and has now swept across the nation. Gin, Campari, and in the place of vermouth? Cool, crisp, refreshingly chlorinated pool water! Some have taken to calling the drink “The Lifeguard” on account of its ties to community swimming pools. Others have labeled it “Sunny Bitch”, “The Lounge Chair Flu” and a social media fave, “Poopy Swim Trunk.”

Whatever you like to call it, most are pronouncing it delicious and the official summer cocktail of 2019. Branding campaigns are underway. Marginal celebs have been spotted slurping the concoction such as Rachel Brosnahan, famous YouTuber Markiplier, and one of the kids from Stranger Things. There has been talk that it will be served at music festivals and Amazon Prime is rumored to have purchased the rights to a script about Todd Licking’s life. 


Have you tried the official cocktail of Summer 2019? Comment below!

(Photo: Tommy Krombacher)


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