Caesar Salad Oreos (And Other Savory Flavors) Set to Hit Shelves in Late 2019

gross oreo flavors

There may not be a greater abomination on taste buds this entire year than what the folks at Nabisco are about to unleash. We don’t know what we, as a population, did to deserve this, but savory Oreos are on their way and we are already choking back our puke. Whether this was the idea of Satan himself or the 23-year old nephew of an executive is unclear, but nevertheless, we’ve got info on the four new flavors. They are as follows:

Caesar Salad Oreos

Proving we live in a Godless society, this creation brings together Caesar dressing-flavored cream, with garlic bread cookies sandwiched around it. Oreo suggests serving them after a big pasta dinner, but we believe they are better in the trash can.


Loaded Baked Potato Oreos

The classic flavors of potato, bacon, and chives are infused in wafer cookies, while a sour cream center will tie it all in together. The end result is a snacking experience on par with sticking your mouth on to a tailpipe.


New England Clam Chowder Oreos

For this reprehensible confection, Oreo modeled the sandwich cookies after saltine crackers with a creamy center that includes a distinct stench of clams collected from the bottom of a sea farm in Maine. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted to avoid in your life!


Chips ‘n Guac Oreos

A green, spicy, creamy guacamole center brought together by two yellow tortilla cookies? Uh, no thanks, but keep grinding away at those new flavors Oreo. There’s no telling what mayhem and destruction you are capable of now that you are drunk on flavor power.


Would you try any of the savory Oreos? Let us know!

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