Museum Devoted to Sandwich Meat FINALLY Opens to the Public!

museum of lunchmeat

In Albany, New York, the world’s first museum devoted to lunchmeat and cold cuts is officially open to the public. Aptly named “The Museum of Ham and Other Shit Like That”, the initiative seeks to spread awareness of the history of various salamis and lunch meats with a keen focus on the present and future of some of our favorite sodium bombs.

Ann Spank, the museum’s curator, believes that sandwich meats deserve to be celebrated for their advances in technology and their ability to solve the worldwide problem of what to eat at noon.

“So often we find ourselves asking, God, what am I doing for lunch? And then, it becomes clear that a sandwich is the answer. Most recently, the art of sandwich making has taken off! We see creative takes on so many different sandwiches, but at the heart of the preparation, is the cold cut of meat required to make the sandwich.
Cold cuts have been such a crucial component of mankind’s survival, from the Roman army scarfing down mortadella 2,000 years ago, to Larry with the low blood sugar who won’t shut the fuck up. The Museum of Cold Cuts will celebrate these figures, but mostly, the meat and cheeses that made the difference.”

Visitors to The Museum of Ham and Other Shit Like That can expect to see permanent fixtures such as The Liverwurst Slide, The Hall of Pastrami, and an auditorium made entirely of Olive Loaf. Current exhibits will include “The Rise of the Boar’s Head Empire”, “Gobba-Gool: The Sopranos and Cold Cuts in Pop Culture”, and a retrospective on the challenges lunchmeats have faced, including vegans and surly deli counter guys. There will also be a wing devoted to condiments opening in the near future, said Spank.

Hours of operation are listed on the museum’s website. Admission costs $15 for adults, $10 for children, and each ticket comes with a voucher for a free log of bologna in the gift shop.

Looking forward to a visit to the museum? Tell us about it!


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