Meet the Food Blogger Who Ate Nothing But Garlic Powder For an Entire Year

garlic pwder

For Camille Rogers, food blogging isn’t just a hobby. It’s an outlet for her expression and a way to connect with the world around her. When she’s not managing the office of an aluminum factory in Pennsylvania, she’s at the keyboard, furiously working on her next blog post. And recently, those blog posts centered around a rather peculiar diet. Rogers, food blogger extraordinaire, took part in a strict diet of nothing, but garlic powder for 30 days.

It’s known as “The Garbage Mouth Cleanse” and it was first introduced by a prison doctor in Arkansas. The idea is that all the body needs to survive, plus lose weight, is garlic powder.

It’s known as “The Garbage Mouth Cleanse” and it was first introduced by a prison doctor in Arkansas.

Rogers immediately took to this radical new diet and tracked her progress. She ate a garlic powder smoothie for breakfast (garlic powder and skim milk), a bowl of garlic powder mush for lunch (a 3-to-1 ratio of garlic powder to water), and for dinner, Rogers simply licked her fingers and dipped them into garlic powder.

Within 2 days Rogers felt the progress of her diet. She wrote:

“I stink like shit and my family told me to sleep in the tool shed, but I feel AH-MA-ZING. Oh, and my bosses stopped sexually harassing me at work! LOL”

By Day 5, there’s a shift in Rogers’ tone in her writing. She appears unhinged from a lack of proteins, vitamins, and nutrients that the body requires.

“Ohhhhh Lord Lord Lord—ohhhhh. I’d love pizza. My tits look good in this dress.”

As readers pleaded with Rogers to end the cleanse, going so far as to call it a stunt for views, Rogers lashed out:

“HATERS HATERS EVERYWHERE; HATERS HATERS I DON’T CARE!!!! If you got something to say then say it to my face bitches ‘cuz I look good, I feel good, and I smell like a 71-year old Italian man! You bitches can’t handle this!!! LOLOLOLOL ROFL”

Rogers was terminated from her job, and her husband admitted her into a psychological clinic, where she was described as smelling like the kitchen floor of an Indian restaurant.

For months, Rogers refrained from posting on her food blog until one day, she updated her readers:

“Thank you all for your support. It’s been a very trying 3 months and I was crazy for believing I could survive off nothing, but garlic powder for a year, but what’s a mistake if a lesson doesn’t come from it? I’d especially like to thank my family and my friends for standing by me during this trying time, and I’d like to apologize for the things I said, or wrote, and especially for trying to bite anyone who came near me. I would also like to apologize to Officer Denburg for setting his squad car on fire. That was wrong. I’ll be taking a break from blogging for a while because I only get an hour per week to be on the Internet at the South Hemmingworth Correctional Facility for Women. Kisses and hugs to you all and if you want to come by, visiting hours are every Thursday from 3-6.”


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