Podcast About Doughnuts Ends Epic Run After 11 Episodes

donut podcast

Anthony Boobs announced this week on his podcast, The Hole Truth, that he will be ending production of the podcast after the 11th episode. “It’s time,” said Anthony, as he began the final episode, titled “Stale”.

The podcast began 11 weeks ago in Anthony’s bedroom. Over time, it garnered one 4-star review from Anthony’s cousin on iTunes. The review read very simply: “This good.” The idea to record a weekly podcast about doughnuts came to Anthony when he was sitting in his car at the Dunkin Donuts drive-through. He posted a video of himself in his car to Instagram trying to decide which doughnut to order. The post received 12 Likes, including one comment from a woman Anthony is fond of that said, “hilarious!!!!” The rest…was history.

Who could forget the epic 5th episode, where Anthony pleaded with listeners to share and subscribe to his podcast.

Using his smartphone’s voice recorder app, Anthony quickly went to work. He mapped out topics including the origin of the Boston Creme doughnut, which doughnuts to pair with which wines, and who could forget his epic 5th episode, where Anthony pleaded with listeners to share and subscribe to his podcast.

By the time the 8th episode was posted, Anthony could see the end. In an inspiring monologue to open the show, Anthony detailed the difficulties in generating enough content regarding doughnuts. He also uncomfortably revealed how much he struggles with anxiety, then launched into a tirade about politics.

For the 11th and final episode, Anthony will interview his mom and dad to better understand what doughnuts were like when they were growing up, but also to seek to connect to his parents, who Anthony currently lives with. Anthony has no plans to begin another podcast and has stated he will use his time to reflect and start other projects.

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