Leading Prune Company Wants to Sponsor Your Poop!


In recent years, prunes have been losing to yogurt and other probiotic products in the battle to fight constipation. Well, Sunsweet, the brand synonymous with prunes, is looking to change that. Everyone needs to poop. And now, Sunsweet wants to sponsor yours when you do.

Sunsweet believes the best way to spread awareness of the magical pooping properties of their prunes is to take it to social media. Nevermind that prunes taste and feel like biting a bicycle tire that’s been dipped in stale pancake syrup, Sunsweet is looking to defy the notion that brands are tone deaf on social media.

The rules are simple.

  • Simply snap a pic of your poop with a box of Sunsweet-brand prunes in the frame.
  • Then, post your pictures to social media. Be sure to mention @SunsweetGrowers on Twitter, @Sunsweet on Facebook (after Liking the page of course), or @SunsweetGrowersInc on Instagram
  • Finally, be sure to include the hashtag #2isForWinners

The participant who posts the picture of the best-looking poop will be deemed the winner. (Editor’s note: Additional consideration will be given to those who are over the age of 55.) The winner will receive not only a year’s supply of Sunsweet prunes, but will become the brand’s official “Poopsperson”. There will be appearances at events, lectures at colleges, even a music video filmed and screened at the California Prune Festival (Editor’s note: This is a real thing.)

The contest will begin the day after Christmas, when pooping seems most important. Sunsweet is banking on absolutely nothing going wrong with this perfectly well-thought-out promotion that proves that some brands aren’t tone deaf when it comes to utilizing social media. Good luck to all!

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