Pizza Hut Will No Longer Serve Pizza As The Italian Community Deems It Too Offensive

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For 60 years, Pizza Hut has been serving pizza, pasta, and salads to the public at hundreds of locations nationwide. The beloved franchise has earned a reputation for serving affordable fast food to those who crave it. Well, say goodbye to pizza if you are a Pizza Hut fan.

A fraction of the Italian community has made it known that Pizza Hut’s attempt at making pizza is not only offensive, but that it inaccurately represents Italian culture. The claims being made by Italians are that since 1958, pizza has evolved, yet, Pizza Hut refuses to acknowledge this, continuing to make a version of pizza that is deemed offensive.

A statement by Pizza Hut reads:

We are certainly listening to the concerns of the Italian community. When we set out to make delicious, fresh pizza for a national consumer base, our intention was to serve good food, while raising awareness for pizza. We did not knowingly seek to offend any persons and we apologize for simply making pizza with the ingredients that are required to make pizza. I mean, we get it, we’re Pizza Hut. Maybe our pizza isn’t as good as pizza made by actual Italians, but Jesus Christ, people need to chill. It’s pizza. If you don’t like our pizza, then don’t eat our pizza.

As a result of the outcry from a small percentage of the Italian community, Pizza Hut will no longer be serving the dish that is their namesake. No word on whether they will change the name of their franchise or completely close all franchises in order to satisfy the demands of the Italian community. Customers and casual observers are chiming in about the decision all over social media. Among the Tweets from users:

“Pizza Hut may not be the best pizza, but it was a celebration of pizza, not an ignorant put down of it. It’s not their fault if their pizza was misinterpreted and used by idiots as a means to bully others.” – @RIPCommonSense

“I’m Italian and I grew up with this pizza. I’m fully aware it’s not a recipe from Italy, but that doesn’t mean I get offended when people think it is and make fun of me for eating it.” – @StopJumpingToConclusions

“I agree with this decision. Pizza Hut could’ve made every attempt to evolve pizza, but they chose to keep it the way it is, which suggests Italians can’t evolve.” – @KneeJerkNancy

Pizza Hut will officially end serving pizza next month. The chain will offer free soda to anyone hurt or offended by the idea that their pizza was celebrated for its positive qualities and merely inspired by the realities of pizza, and what pizza goes through on a regular basis.


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