The Heartbreaking Truth About Sticking Your Hands in a Blender

It’s an alarming trend. Since January 2018, thousands of videos have been posted on social media and YouTube, showing teenagers sticking their hands in blenders. It’s become known as the latest meme–a trending topic, activity, or behavior on the internet that almost instantly goes viral. In this case, though, there’s nothing to learn, except the heartbreaking truth about sticking your hands in a blender.

It’s hard to trace the very first video featuring a teenager sticking his hands in a blender. Most will mention it was Jason Whitekid in Orange County, California. In the video, Jason can be seen laughing along with his friends as a blender spins on the “puree” setting. He yells, “Look at me I’m that fat kid in the Goonies!” and teases the act of sticking his hands in a blender. Then, his friends provoke him to go all the way, and Jason obliges, dipping his hands in the blender, as his friends laugh and cheer him on. The video, which has garnered almost 10 million views as of today, has prompted thousands, maybe millions of other kids to attempt to top Jason’s feat.

In most cases, the goal is to either keep your hands in the blender for the longest amount of time, to lose the least amount of fingers, or to use a more powerful model of blender than in other videos, like the Vitamix 5200 for example.

“We would like to reiterate, that our products are not intended for the use of sticking your hands in them. Matter of fact, I can’t even believe I need to say this: Don’t put your hands in a blender. You some sort of idiot? If the Internet told you to swallow laundry detergent, would you go an—oh wait, never mind,” commented Jerome Vitamix, CEO of Vitamix, the very popular blender company.

Will the trend die down? That’s the big question on every parent’s mind. In the meantime, there are measures you can take to prevent your teenager from sticking their hands in a blender. First off, lock up your blender in a safe and don’t trust anyone with the combination, especially your spouse. Next, monitor your child’s behavior and if they seem unlike themselves, be sure to ask yourself if you’re really as good of a parent as you see yourself to be. And lastly, acknowledge the notion the internet and social media have torn apart civilization at the seams with no hope of a saner future.  A future, one might suggest, that doesn’t include sticking your hands in a blender.

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