“Kevin Hart Beats Up Your Refrigerator” Set to Debut This Fall on ABC

Comedian and mega-star Kevin Hart will be starring in a brand new show on ABC this Fall titled, “Kevin Hart Beats Up Your Refrigerator”. As the title suggests, the 5’4 Hart will arrive at your house with a crew in tow, lug your refrigerator to the front yard, and begin beating it up.

In a statement released by ABC, the network expressed their enthusiasm for the new program:

“Kevin Hart loves to yell a lot. Plus, watching a short person try to beat up a large kitchen appliance is a recipe for endless laughs. Anyway, what else are you gonna watch? Everything good is on cable or NetFlix now and this is what we’re reduced to as a network.”

Hart, who is known for a brand of comedy that is embraced by millions, will bring a recognizable name to the Beating-Up-an-Appliance genre of television. With origins in Japan, this peculiar brand of television was a ratings success around the world with such hits as Japan’s “Atsushi Tamura Eats Your Dishwasher” and Turkey’s “Cengiz Küçükayvaz Humps Your Mop & Sister”.

The American version, with Kevin Hart pummeling a refrigerator as a family looks on, looks to become a ratings juggernaut. And if it sucks, there’s at least some true crime shit we can all watch on NetFlix.


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