Move Over Salt Bae! And Meet Pickled Relish Bae!

Remember the man known for his signature sprinkling of salt over meat? Do you remember the meme that captured our hearts for a moment in time back in 2017? Do you remember Nusret Gökçe, the viral sensation known as Salt Bae? Well, that guy is staler than a bag of open chips during a Honolulu heat wave.

Introducing….Pickled Relish Bae.

He hails from the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn in New York and he loves cooking wholesome meals for his friends and family. And much like Salt Bae, he finishes his food with a signature sprinkling of pickled relish that shoots from his fingers, trickles down his forearm, and delicately lands on the plate, creating a magical garnish to any prepared dish.

His name is Franz Doofowitz, but he is affectionately known as “The Doof”. Or, “Pickled Relish Bae”.

“I see this man on my phone and he is sprinkling salt in a funny way,” says The Doof. “I laugh and laugh. My wife laughs and laughs. My children, they are laughing. Everyone I show this to, they laugh. And then, as we say in my country, I get kicked by the hooves of the Polish ass. I have an idea.”

And what an idea it was. The Doof immediately began trickling pickled relish on his food to the delight of friends, family, but not so much the customers at his sausage tent in the park.

“They don’t understand why I do this. They say, Why do you do this?”

In time, though, he became a hit. Eventually, The Doof had a viral video of his own and a new meme was born.

“I remember this boy with a silly shirt on comes to my tent and orders his sausage. I say, And pickled relish pickled relish pickled relish??? Just like that. Very fast, three times in a row because I am performing a show and making food. He looks at me and says, Oh yes, I want the pickled relish pickled relish pickled relish! And we laugh. My wife laughs. My children laugh. Everyone in the tent laugh, and I sprinkle pickled relish and he puts on You Tube and the video says This Dude Loves Pickled Relish a Little Too Much, and it’s true! I do!”

The video has gone viral and The Doof sees the lines form. Business is booming. Customers eagerly lineup outside his tent to see the man they’ve heard about say, “And pickled relish pickled relish pickled relish???” And they watch in delight as he sprinkles his favorite neon green condiment on their sausage. The man affectionately known as, Pickled Relish Bae.


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