Taco Bell to Begin Just Scooping Things Into Your Hands

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Doritos. Fried chicken. Eggs. All of these have served as vehicles for Taco Bell’s fixins, from their wrapper…to your belly. As Taco Bell becomes synonymous for its inventive creations, their fans wonder what they could possibly do next to top themselves. Today, we learned of Taco Bell’s next promotion and get ready, because it has absolutely nothing to do with taco shells–unless you count your hands when they’re shaped like one!

Beginning next Friday, when you order the “Mano y Taco”, a Taco Bell employee will gloriously fill your waiting hands with your choice of beef or chicken, rice, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, and sour cream.

“We’re very excited for the Mano y Taco and for fans of Taco Bell to enjoy our food in a new and unique way”, said Arnold VooVoo, head of Taco Bell’s Department of Sure Why the Fuck Not. He continued: “Tacos are the world’s most delicious finger food and we decided to raise the stakes. By removing the tortilla shell, our customers can eliminate the middleman and enjoy our delicious food straight from their bare hands, like nature intended.”

While we question the validity of VooVoo’s statement about nature, it’s hard to deny this new promotion is unique. But what about customers ordering at the drive-thru window?

“The Mano y Taco will be available at all of our drive-thru’s, as well,” said VooVoo. “Just because you have Taco Bell scooped into your hands doesn’t mean you don’t have knees, uh doy!”

The Mano y Taco will set you back $2.50 for one hand filled with food, and $3.99 for both.


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