Restaurant Spotlight: Fludge

Another Authentic Mississippi Lard Hut To Add to the List


The latest in the red-hot trend of Mississippi lard huts comes to us from the team of Chef Pierre LeGoo and the BoingBoing Restaurant Group.

If it seems like the Mississippi lard hut has only been around a few months it’s not your imagination. In October, the Delta-inspired Fattie Shack opened on 12th street to much fanfare. Lines formed, blogs were posted, and the city had a new sensation in dining. Since then, 4 more Mississippi lard huts opened with at least 3 more planned in the coming year.

This includes Fludge, Chef LeGoo’s entry into the Mississippi lard hut foray. Fludge is partially inspired by LeGoo’s upbringing in Newark, New Jersey and the deep-fried Southern cooking of Mississippi. He combines the grit of Northern New Jersey with the lack of education of Mississippi, in the hopes of providing a dining experience that causes a stroke.

With a limited menu, choices are narrow, but that’s what makes Fludge all the more appealing. Appetizers consist of stuffed catfish pizza tubes, smoked ham bone toast, or grease soup. It should be noted there is a salad on the menu and if you order it a little person runs to your table and slaps your genitals. I suppose when in Mississippi, do as Mississippians do!

Main courses offer meat with lard in various ways. There’s a fried chicken neck casserole with Raisinet garnish, a pork chop stuffed with mozzarella sticks in a fruit punch demi-glace, and “STEAK”–which is exactly how it appears on the menu, in quotes and capitalized and no description, so who knows? Main courses are moderately priced and include a bottle of warm beer with the label ripped off.

Chef LeGoo’s desserts are simply divine, too. At Fludge, LeGoo recreates the experience of forcing dessert in your mouth, while wanting to barf. There are two desserts as of this post. The first is the Pitcher of Hot Butterscotch, a self-explanatory dish that makes you question humanity, and the second is an old Mississippi fave: Gargled Lemonade Huffs–where the star of the show is a handful of powdered lemonade mix, artfully thrown into your face.

Fludge is open 7 days a week and is now accepting reservations.


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