New Show Pits NY Snobs vs. Reality

How many times have you listened to a New Yorker endlessly drone on about their pizza? What about their uncanny ability to yap about bagels? Or wait, how ‘bout this one: “I don’t eat Chinese food unless I’m on the D train on a Tuesday”. Like, OK, we get it!!! Well, the Food Network has a show just for you–“Rude vs. Rube”.

Beginning tonight, ten contestants from New York City will get blindfolded, guided onto a plane, and parachute into locations such as Dubuque, Albuquerque, Boise, and Tucson. From there, they will be documented in their journey to confront the reality that people use yellow mustard, drink Gatorade with dinner, and make sandwiches with white bread.

Contestants include a bartender who insists on being called a mixologist, a woman who claims to know where the best croissants are,A guy who owns his own pair of chopsticks, and a woman who lets it be known she doesn’t eat fast food even though no one brought it up.  

On the first episode, the contestants are thrown in jail for their behavior at a Buffalo Wild Wings. We can’t give away too much, but confusing the patrons for staff is sure to land these New Yorkers in hot water!  

Can New Yorkers accept reality? Tune in and find out!

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