Some Unemployed Dude Listed His Favorite Cereals on Facebook

In a frantic attempt to connect with humanity, Skipper Voodles, from some shit hole in Pennsylvania, posted a list of his favorite cereals on social media giant Facebook. To date, the post has garnered 31 Likes and has not been shared. There are 71 comments.

“I don’t know,” replied Mr. Voodles when asked how he came up with the list. “It’s just the shit I like.”

Among some of the cereals listed are predictably unoriginal favorites like Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles and Apple Jacks, in addition to surprise choices like Crispix and Honey Bunches of Oats. And, of course, there was an inclusion of Cheerios, which neither baffled nor surprised any readers.

Commenters seemed most divided by the exclusion of Frosted Flakes. Cited one commenter, “No Frosted Flakes?”

Other commenters expressed shock, anger and in some cases, complete and utter existentialism at Voodles’ list. Below are selected comments from the Facebook post:

“woa! how the fuck is Capn crunch so low on this list???”

“I think it’s cool white men are able to freely list their favorite cereals without any repercussion. Must be nice to own that privilege.”

“This good list but i probs wouldve had Cocoa Krispis a little higher.”

“fuck you”

At this time, there are no plans for a follow-up list, or a revised list, according to Voodles.

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