Guy Fieri Debuts New Catchphrase

On Tuesday, thousands gathered at the Raymond T. Schlong Pavillion on the campus of the university to hear Guy Fieri announce his new catchphrase.

Catchphrases have long been a staple of the television chef dating back to cajun chef Justin Wilson’s “Ah Ga-ruhn-tee!” and continuing with Emeril Lagasse’s “BAM!” and even as recently as Ina Garten’s “Suck my dick it’s Wednesday.” Guy Fieri, the unofficial face of The Food Network (unless you count Bobby Flay, who’s kinda more the face of a guy who forgot something at Target) is now carrying the torch of catchphrases for chefs.

Right in line with “Welcome to Flavor Town!” and “Out of bounds!” and everyone’s favorite Guy Fieri catchphrase, “You’re Fired!” comes his new addition. Asked how Guy conjured up his new exclamation, he replied, “The creative process is hard to articulate into words. Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.” When prompted by the press those are Adele lyrics, Fieri replied, “What?”

And so, when the 49th season of whatever show Guy is hosting these days on The Food Network premieres, be sure to perk your ears up for his new catchphrase: “Bury me now!”

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